Welcome to Asia For Animals Conference Borneo 2015, the largest and most representative Asian animal welfare conference!

Making a difference
AfA Conference Borneo 2015 will be the perfect platform for delegates across the Asia-Pacific to gather to facilitate long-term positive changes in the field of animal welfare and wildlife management.

The conference aims to provide a platform for those working on animal welfare and wildlife management in this region to network, exchange ideas and build lasting collaborations. By sharing experiences, information and technology, delegates are therefore able to develop practical and viable strategies to address the key challenges related to animal welfare and wildlife management particularly in developing countries.
Who should attend?
We encourage the participation of delegates and speakers from all geographic regions working on or who are responsible for animal welfare and wildlife management including government agencies, non- government organisations, companies, individual experts, researchers and students as well as animal lovers and advocates.

AfA Conference Borneo 2015 will feature a diverse selection of plenaries, symposia and conference sessions that span the entire range of animal welfare and wildlife management including new approaches and technologies in animal farming to managing stray animal populations in cities and sub-urban centres. There will be an impressive line-up of keynote speakers.

We promise an inclusive, vibrant academic and social environment set in a unique land inhabited by the world`s oldest rainforests, teeming with exotic appeal yet equipped with modern, state-of-the-art technology

7 Conference themes
1: Animals in the Wild (Aquatic & Terrestrial)
2: Domestic Animals (Pets & Farms)
3: Managing Strays
4: Animal Care (Veterinary Care)
5: Animal Care (Rescue & Rehabilitation)
6: Animals in Captivity
7: Animals in Trade

Special sessions:
1: The future of Borneo`s Animals
2: Managing an NGO
Destination: Kuching, Sarawak
The city of Kuching itself is renowned for its eclecticism and charm, its iconic cuisine and the outstanding hospitality of its people. Most visitors find it hard to leave and usually come back for more!

Delegates are welcome to participate in volunteer activities at the Matang Wildlife Centre, Semenggoh Wildlife Centre and the SSPCA Animal Shelter as part of the convention`s CSR program.

We believe that "Partnerships Breed Success" so let us unite in AfA Conference Borneo 2015 to make a difference in shaping the future of the animals and wildlife which we co-exist with.
CPD points for Malaysian Vets!